If you’re anything like me, you’re fairly proficient at the interwebs so you don’t keep bookmarks, because you’ll assume, oh, I can just google it, but every once in a while you can’t find something because you don’t remember what it was called, or you don’t look at something for two years because you don’t even remember it exists.  I’m still not sure how I will use this blog, but since it is a more permanent record than Twitter, it seems an appropriate place to store a list of all the math ed related websites that I might forget about.  So here they are!

I did a little poking of the Twitter-sphere this past week as part of the MTBoS, to surprisingly productive success!  What I was most impressed with was how many resources sort of fell out of the air so quickly!  I also have a bunch of different resources and blogs that I look at all the time, but sometimes forget about.

The MTBoS challenge for this week is to go poke around a couple of sites, so I’ve added them all here as well.

Sources for Tasks: then click search, then search Dan Meyer then whatever you want – still a little tough to get to what you want, since you only get a title, but this is much more useful than trying to search Dan Meyer’s blog – the MARS tasks

Daily Desmos

Estimation 180

NCTM Illuminations

Blogs I read regularly (using Feedly – the flashier version of the now dead Google Reader)

Rational Expressions (Michael Pershan)

Dan Meyer’s blog

I Hope This Old Train Breaks Down

Math With Bad Drawings

Think Thank Thunk

Other blogs worth a look:

One Good Thing

Resources on the Common Core:

Recreational math:

Cut the Knot


I am starting this blog with a hearty kick in the pants from the “Exploring the MathTwitterBlogosphere” project, which you can read more about here:

I teach in a public school for immigrants who are learning English.  Some things I believe in and think a lot about and might write about here:

  • public schools and the Common Core
  • heterogeneous classrooms and complex instruction
  • teaching English while teaching math
  • positive classroom culture

I also have a twitter account: @waddletalk , which I hope to figure out how to use better at some point.  Right now twitter doesn’t make any sense to me at all.  Feel free to enlighten me about it!